Month: March 2014

A Good Cry


Do you ever have a day when the world seems so very heavy and you don’t know if your shoulders can bare the weight of all of it anymore.  I am not typically a person that freaks out, or cries or wallows in pities of life.  I know of people that beat themselves up almost daily for decisions they have made and how they carry out their daily lives.  I have faults and have many mistakes but I try to move on.  

Yesterday I don’t know what happened.  I stepped away from the craziness of two kids playing the Hunger Games and just spent sometime by myself in my room.  I played some music and all of a sudden I felt a feeling come over me that made the tears flow.  I always try to be the person that holds it all together.  To be the person that finds the bright side to every dark situation.  I may not always believe in the bright side but I need to bring that out for the others involved.  Yesterday life just hit me and I cried.  I cried and cried and it felt good.  It was a release of all these pent up emotions.  There was nothing horrible I was harboring, but it is just the stresses and reality of everyday life.  There were issues in my childrens lives that I thought of, there were issues in my husbands life that came to front, there were issues in my own life that all seemed to hit me.  

It is odd how little things can do this to you.  How seeing something, or listening to something can bring up such emotions.  It was just a cummultive effect for me.  I received some information in the mail, information that was very useful to me but seeing it just brought reality to life.  Then hearing the lyrics of a song it allowed the floodgates to be opened.  I remember being a little girl and something would happen and I wouldn’t cry.  I wanted to be the strong one, the one that stood fast and had the brave face.  I can remember my dad coming into my room and explaining to me that crying frees the soul.  That a good cry is actually good for you and can get rid of toxins and other things that you are keeping in.  That usually did it then the tears would come.  

I believe in prayer.  I believe in Gods love for us and that we can always go to him in our time of need but also remember to go to him in our good times also.  I try to pray and be a good pray warrior.  I pray for others around me and I pray for my family and myself.  I believe that like this quote says above that the things that are going on in my life and in my families lives are being done for a greater purpose.  Things happen for a reason, these things we can learn from, we can grow from and we can change ourselves and others around us with the knowledge we have gained.  God has a purpose for us.  He is shaping us into the person we are to become.  It may be putting a burden on our heart for service, or a group of people that need a voice.  I pray I see this purpose and I may be put to work for the greater good of others.  

I had my good cry and from that I will work and pray to see what the greater purpose is and where I am needed.  


Passing on a great giveaway opportunity

There is a book I have on my list I would like to read and it is this book.  When I saw the author was having a giveaway I thought I had to get in on this.  There is nothing I like better than winning a giveaway.  So here is the link and all the info but if one of my friends win this book you need to promise to let me read it.  Ok you don’t have to share but it would be nice.  Have a great day to all you!!!

Book Giveaway: Celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of My Memoir.



I don’t talk much about my husband on this blog. Yes he is real and the father of my children and my husband for soon to be 14 years.  He is a quiet guy unless in a debate about something he is passionate about then quiet would not be the word.  My husband took off of work today and he and I drove to do a couple errands and we ended up at the Welding Supply store which is his favorite place on earth.  His eyes light up like a kid in a candy store when we walk into this establishment.  I don’t understand you weld for 40 plus hours a week why do more?  I only wish we had millions in our bank account so he could buy all his heart desires.

So today our visit lasted a while.  My husband wants to get his TIG skills up to par so there was some Argon gas purchased, tungsten (no idea what that does), some filler rod, and lens for his helmet.  The guys at this store just amaze me with how nice they are and how great they are to hook you up with what you need and in a quantity you need for a home welder.  I am amazed at this because most parts places are not like this at least for a woman walking in the shop.  I have been running errands for my husband for over 15 years and no matter where I go I am treated like I have no idea what I am looking for.  I must have never seen a tool, or a welder, or a pair of welding gloves.  I am a woman there for stupid in their eyes.  This has been my experiences at auto part stores, welding supply stores, etc… Guess what I am not an idiot.  I take an interest in what my husband does and I know what gloves he wears, I know what a speedglass helmet is.  I know what are metric sockets to standard.  I was prompted to write this post because of how awesome the guys are at Oxygen Service in Willmar MN (  They are wonderful on all counts.  They treat me like I may know what my husband needs.  They are nice guys to talk about and do business with.  We spent some money there today and I am sure there will be more spent in the future.  I will gladly run an errand for my husband anyday at this establishment.  Keep up the good work!!!! My kids like going here now also since there were given hats last time we went in as a family.  Free hats and pens what more would you want, throw in some nice conversation, and wonderful customer service and you earn 5 stars in my book anytime.

I am glad there are places out there that will take a woman seriously because they are far and in between.  My husband and I enjoyed our morning away even if it was spent looking and drooling over a new welding machine. Oh well I was told before an old Welder never dies.