Month: November 2016

Battery Power 

Have you ever seen a hearing aid battery?  They are tiny, very tiny, and they are responsible for so much. I started with a size 10 battery. Then went up to a 13 and my current pair of hearing aids use size 312. That is a lot of batteries. I have accepted hearing loss. I have found my tribe. My tribe is composed of wonderful people from the deaf/hard of hearing community. They are funny, fearless, understanding, loving, they are what true friends and family are made of. In saying all of this there is one thing that just stuns me. My understanding is completely controlled by a small little battery. Ok that isn’t totally true. I am very visual and use lipreading and visual cues, but that battery plays a large role. 

Last weekend my husband and I attended a yoga class together. First off I never dreamed that would have happened. Chad agreed and we had a wonderful time. It was time for the two of us together with a wonderful yoga instructor at Empowered Living Company. Sorry for going on a little tangent but had to say how proud of my husband for attending with me. 

Before class, we just got to town. Yes we are rural and “get to town.” My hearing aid battery died. Ok no problem I have this new 16 pack in my purse. Well this took some time but this is truely what happened. Every battery was dead! I checked the package, expires 2018. This is so frustrating. Now my understanding in this yoga class just went to very low. 

Class went well. Great teacher that is so visual. Chad was great, a couple times we were laying and I didn’t have a clear vision line he told me or showed me what we were doing.  I should have advocated for myself instead of using my husband but I don’t think he minded. 

This made me really realize how dependent I am on these tiny batteries. It really boggles my mind. I am not sure why, why is this my big hang up? Why is a battery something that baffles me, causes anxiety that can come out of no where? A lack of a battery or one that works can quicken my heart, cause sweaty palms and make me want to skip what ever I was going to do. 

I contacted the battery distributor and have a new pack coming in the mail. Will I ever buy that brand again, no. I know a bad batch can happen but I won’t take my chances again. 

I will go on. Keep those precious batteries with me. I keep the old ones in an old Ball jar that was my great grandmothers. I am getting quite the collection. My family has told me having to use technology or a battery is almost like being a cyborg. I guess that is a compliment. For now it is placing great importance on a tiny silver disk. 



A couple months ago I decided to find out what ethnicity I may be made from. This morning I opened my email and there were the results. Staring me straight in the face. I didn’t have any huge surprises but there were a couple countries listed that I didn’t expect.

I grew up knowing I was about half German and half Swedish. For the most part that is how the test came out. But I had a few little surprises.

Here are the results

Europe West 42%- This is comprised of France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

Scandinavia 42%- This is comprised of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Baltic States

Europe East 8%- This is a surprise to me. Countries comprised of Poland, Slovakia, Czech, Austria, Russia, Hungry, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Bosnia, Croatia

Then the little percentages come- as little as they are they still fascinate me.

Ireland 3%- I was always told I was a small part of Irish. So this was a good confirmation.

Italy/Greece 2%- Surprise

Northwest Russia 1%- Surprise

Great Britain 1%- This was a surprise I thought it would have been higher.

Caucasus 1%- This was a surprise. Countries comprised of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine and Romania.

So over all I knew the big amounts. I had a friend in high school that always said I had gyspy eyes. So when Romania showed up a couple times maybe that is true. It is fascinating and I am so glad I did this test.

If you are interested in your ethnicity here is a link and you can get some money off.