Month: June 2015

Waiting to Wake Up from a Dream

This amazing day happened a year ago today. June 10th is a day I started a whole new being. It started me taking advocacy to a new level. It started me taking action with emails, phone calls and letters to the editor. I have truly been blessed to be a Hearstrong champion and all that that entails. I still love my Starkey hearing aids. I now have 3 series i110 RIC’s instead of the Xinos I had in this blog post. I love going to Starkey for a tweaking of programs or a fix of some sort. They are the most caring people I have ever encountered at a business. June 10th was a wonderful day, I hope I will have new things in my life soon and June 10th will be a great day for this year also.

Musings of a Momma

hearstrong me greta and allison

On June 10, 2014 I was invited to attend a ceremony at Starkey World Headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN.  I traveled the near 3 hours to the headquarters,  I was full of nerves, and excitement since I had no idea what I was to expect.  I was presented a HearStrong Award.  It was a wonderful honor and experience.  I hope I can get into words what I experienced and what transpired on that wonderful day.

HearStrong is the nonprofit that is held by the  company EarQ.  It honors individuals that have overcome hearing loss and decide to do something about it.  The way they heard about me is they happened upon one of my blog posts on the SWC Blog.  I was given a gold medal and a framed certificate from two great gentlemen from EarQ and from Tani Austin from the Starkey Hearing Foundation.  I was accompanied…

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