“Alone we can’t do much. Together we can change the world.”

I have been slacking on these blog postings. I have a few blogs I would like to write it is just finding the time. That means we are a busy family and are here there and everywhere.

Yesterday we; Chad, Henry and myself, traveled to Eden Prairie. We went to the Center of Excellence. This is a hearing clinic on the campus of Starkey a worldwide maker of hearing aids. Yes I will have a whole blog about Henry getting Hearing Aids but that is another time. This was the follow up visit.

We went to Starkey for a follow up. I really thought it would be a 10 minute appointment but turned into 5 hours. Henry had quite a bit of feedback so his audiologist decided to go from domes to mold.

He loves the people at Starkey and also that he got lunch yesterday. Anything he wanted. He picked fish, fries and ice cream.

Henry got to follow a great man yesterday and watch the process of making these molds. Mr Bill Austin was there at Starkey yesterday. He is the owner of Starkey and started there in 1961. Mr Austin is almost 77 years old this year and still working. Not sitting in the corner office of a billion dollar company. He was on the floor and working. He was grinding ear impressions and telling us he was making repairs of a bunch of hearing aids that were from Ghana. They were repaired and will be sent back. Hearing stories yesterday of how many 1000’s of hearing aids will be given out in India this year. Just amazing numbers the gift of sound will be given to. Mr Austin goes on all these missions. He doesn’t just send staff. Like he told us he has gone around and around the world numerous times over. All to give the gift of hearing.

Listening to Mr Austin is an experience that fills my soul with hope in times where everything is so negative.

Mr Austin sat yesterday and told that there are many painters in this world. There are house painters, there are hobby painters that sell their wares on street corners and there are great masterpiece painters. They were all given a gift from God. The important part they are using their gift for the good of man. Mr Austin didn’t think his gift was overly important of fitting hearing aids but he realized this was Gods gift and his mission now is to the whole world to give the gift of sound. We all have a gift to be discovered and do it as God wants it to be used. This touched me deeply yesterday. Yes we all have gifts. They aren’t the same as our neighbors or spouses. We are to discover our gifts and use them. If it is our jobs, families, children or whatever it may be. I feel fulfilled at my job everyday. I am at a year at the radio and I feel I have been given a purpose in Benson. To provide news, happenings, and general knowledge of what is going on in our area. It is one I love and truly have a passion about.

I thank Mr Austin and his wife Tani for this opportunity with Henry. Henry is thriving and loves to hear.

As Mr Austin said yesterday, he wants God’s love to shine through his work. What are words to try to live by.


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