Fun and Fellowship

What an enjoyable evening.  We had our annual caroling night with our church.  It is an evening I associate with the Christmas season each year since moving here.  I haven’t felt like my heart has been filled with the Christmas spirit until tonight.  Hearing all the voices singing these Christmas songs filled my soul with the spirit of Christmas.  Watching the little ones stand in front of our small crowd and entertain the nursing home and assisted living residents brings pride to my heart.  They are learning to have a giving heart.  We sang the standards including Silent Night which has always been my favorite.  We had to sing some bell songs.  Kids had bells and the need to ring them, Silver Bells can fill that need well.  After each set of songs we would go around and wish each person there a Merry Christmas.  I believe they were all pleased with our performance but I think we get a lot of it also.  Travel back to the church where we had a soup supper and a time of fellowship and a couple of games.  How nice is it to sit down and have a group of woman who I can share my fears, joys, and just plain laugh with.  It is a wonderful feeling and a feeling I never had till this part of my life.  I have had friends before but never a group that I could bare my soul to and I believe they would do the same with me.  It is a comforting feeling to know that you have a support system in place that cares for your family the same you care for theirs.  It proves to us that blood does not make a family.  Love and concern for a person does.  Tonight I had a wonderful night with my family in Christ.


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