ImageI Live in the land of flat.  In the prairie lands of Minnesota.  There are times when seeing flat all the times gets old and we want more.  I came from a valley so we had deep hills and high points all around us.  It has a beautiful river and the greenery around just amazes the eyes.  I go home and I see flat.  We need to find the beauty in all situations and settings of life.  I have learned to love the prairie.  Being able to see miles at a time with nothing blocking the view is something to be marveled.  Seeing a rainbow stretching through the sky and you can see the point of connection with our earth so breathtaking.  One thing I love out here on the prairie that I didn’t have in the valley in native prairie grasses.  These grasses can grow upwards of 6 feet and just sway at will with the wind. The night sky is so large it is looking straight into the heavens.   It is a land of the flat but it is a land of beauty and God created this beauty for us to behold.  Image


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