I will get my Christmas Spirit back

Wow almost Christmas and we are so busy it is just crazy town here.  Christmas party tonight for the kids, school Christmas parties tomorrow for the kids.  Traveling out of town this weekend for the Holiday and NOTHING IS DONE!!! I need to pack, I need to wrap presents, I need to make sure I have everything we need to travel.

Do you ever feel like you are in the trap of the hamster wheel.  There is just so much going on but you just keep on running and running in that circle of life.  You can see out of the corner of your eye all the other stuff that needs to be done but you just keep on running and running and that extra stuff gets left behind.  That is how the holidays feel for me this year.  I am going through the motions but nothing has hit me yet that it is here.

My life has changed in the past couple months and I needed to time to step back and reflect on this new normal.  I went from why me, to is this going to get worse, to now it is I have moderate hearing loss lets except it and move on.  I was kinda in this fog and sadly that fog took away the joy of getting ready for the Holidays.  I feel behind now, I feel cheated somehow.  I know it was my own doing but I feel the spirit of getting ready for this joyous time of year was taken from me this year.  I will get it back.  I am determined to get that feeling of Christmas back.

I will put the Christmas music on…LOUD. I will wrap presents, load a car and get kids ready for grandma’s.  We won’t be riding a sleigh but we can go over a river and pass some trees to grandmothers house we go.  We will remember what Christmas is to us.  It is a time to remember that God gave his son for us to be our savior.  It is a time to remember that this baby came into the world to die for our sins.  I have everlasting life because of this babe in a manger.  I don’t ever want that feeling to go away. I won’t be cheated.


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