Happy New Years

Happy New Years to everyone out there.  Did you make it to midnight? Our family didn’t make it till the new year.  That was a big thing when I was younger make it to the stroke of midnight.  Now that I am getting so old (or at least feel old) I made it till 11:30. Did I try to push myself that last half an hour, nope just went to bed.  

This holiday season has been a lot of togetherness as a family.  My kids and husband both had 2 weeks off this year.  Yikes that is a lot of time together.  We are a week and a half into it and we are all still alive and no major upsets.  We haven’t done a ton since we got home from Christmas.  If you have a child with Sensory Processing Disorder you know a lot of change in routine will disrupt your whole life.  We have been hearing everyday that He should be a school.  We shouldn’t be having supper so late (New Years Eve) that just isn’t right.  Dad should be at work not home, did he get fired, are we going to the poor house because he has no job.  There is a lot of anxiety that goes with his SPD.  New toys and new movies are helping him have a good time at home.  My daughter has been busy training this break.  She is going for her 2nd degree poom (a jr black belt in TaeKwonDo).  So proud of the kids going for the promotion. A big opportunity and a lot of work to get to this point.  

So our days during this break in this sub zero weather we are keeping busy by going through our closets, taking naps, watching movies, and playing with new toys and trying to figure out what new songs we should buy with our iTune cards.  The kids and I have been trying to learn ASL( American Sign Language).  We are watching Signing Time and looking through books.  Any other suggestions, they will be welcomed.  Pretty easy couple weeks I am sure the new year will bring in the craziness of life.  School will start again, work will be going full force but for now we can just enjoy ourselves.  


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