My Creation

I have never thought of myself as an artist, or even a big crafter but I love trying to be creative.  I will see something a picture, an item, or the worst…Pinterest and my mind will start rolling.  The idea will consume me.  I will be making dinner while wondering what materials I could use.  I will be shopping wondering if I should pick a new sharpie marker up or maybe a new sketch pad.  When the house is quiet at night and everyone is in bed it is my time.  It is my time to doodle, sketch and write.  When the weather starts to get cold then the yarn will come out and it will be time to knit.  Being creative brings me joy, it brings me calm, it brings my mind to rest.

This past weekend we spent the 4th Holiday with my in laws at their farm.  It is always a fun time.  We had a bbq with family, took rides in the new golf cart that was purchased for my mother in law, and finding little kittens in the barn.  While in the barn there were two metal stools that caught my eye.  They were nothing but rust without any paint left on these gems at all.  Oh the wheels they started turning.  My father in law said I could have one, my heart was happy.  I saw ideas of whimsy and fun.  This was a complete blank canvas for me.  This was a project to let out my creative being.  I can sadly say I lost sleep over this project.  I wanted and needed to get this done.  I could see the finished project in my head.  I needed to get those images into real time.

This project was a 3 day process, will actually become a four day by the time it is totally completed.  I needed paint.  I knew I owned the base coat I wanted but I needed craft paint.  We headed to JoAnns and I bought paint, and new brushes.  Oh this was getting exciting.  This was bigger than my sketch book.  I couldn’t start on the stool due to rain that afternoon but all supplies were home.

rusty chair


Yesterday was spent by grinding this chair down with a wire brush on the grinder.  Steel wool was the next step to get into all those little nooks and corners.  Finally I took spray paint to the chair and made it a wonderful red.

Today I needed to get the couple designs I had in my head to the chair.  I wanted something to symbolize hearing.  This word hearing or not hearing has changed so much of my life that I needed to get that symbol on my creation.  My son and I have been doing the I Love You in sign language to each other since he was about 2 years old and he didn’t talk yet.  Still today when I dropped him off at summer school he did this sign to me when going into school.  It is important to me and my heart.  I thought of adding the heart in the hand since the love of my family is in my heart.

chair seat


I am pleased how the hand turned out and the word love.  I then thought a red stool needs whimsy.  It needs some fun to make the project what I envisioned.  I added dots and waves and another hand and heart on the back.  I am happy.  My heart is happy that I just let me heart lead me on this project, there was no written plan or stencils just me and my thoughts.  I love the finished project.  Next step I will spray it with a clear coat.  I am thinking of entering the stool in our county fair.  It brings a smile to my face.  It is fun, bright and says love something we all need more of.

finished chair



Now wondering if I need to plead for the other stool that was left in the barn.


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