How Do You Define deaf?

A very interesting read…makes you think of all the labels out there. What to use and when and why to use them.


I just came across this post last week that asks about the definition of deaf. You can find more replies here

 “Greetings – I just had to complete an on-line training course in “Diversity”. There was a question that asked what preparations should be made for an interview with a person known to be deaf. The answer included having a hearing loop ready. My response was that a hearing loop would/could assist someone like me with a hearing impairment, with suitable aids, but not someone who was deaf, because my understanding of the word deaf is that it means total hearing loss – the same as “blind” means total loss of sight as opposed to a visual impairment. I’d be interested to see responses about how others describe themselves – i.e. deaf or hearing impaired.”

I don’t mean to pick on this person. If anything, I see both the…

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One thought on “How Do You Define deaf?

  1. Good question and good answer, in my opinion. Actually even though I have two Cochlear implants and both have tcoil, the loop would not help me as the tcoil in one is not strong enough to pick up from a loop. I would need to use an FM system, with the speaker having a transmitter and me using the receiver, otherwise I would need CART. In fact I have had a number of times I needed to be interviewed and my preferred was my FM system, also the cheapest way all around.

    I really enjoy your Musings

    Donna in PA

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