A Busy Time of Year

This past weekend I was telling my husband I was so tired.  I didn’t feel sick just so tired, like I could fall into bed and sleep for a full day.  Then I thought of everything we had done this past week and I know why I am tired.  This time of year is crazy.  Is it a wonderful time of year but crazy.  Here is our week in pictures and little words.

my christmas treeI made our Christmas tree this year.  The kids gathered the sticks in the grove at the farm and I bundled them into our tree layers.  We added some burlap and lights and we have our organic wall tree.

kids with santa 2014The kids saw Santa and Mrs. Claus at our local fire hall.  Both kids were happy to see him.

Greta's band concertMy daughters first band concert.  All the kids did wonderful and I got to claim the most beautiful flute player as mine.

Henry's sore faceMy poor little man fainted and fell off the risers at school.  They were practicing their Christmas program and Henry fell from a high riser and landed right on his face on the wood floor.  Thank God I was working right down the hall and was there within minutes.  Off to the doctor we went and they are pretty confident it was fainting and not a seizure.  His face has some good bruises on it now.

Henry Christmas concertDay after the fainting episode we are feeling better.  All dressed up and ready for the Christmas program at school.  A great program from all the kids.

brother and sister loveChurch Sunday morning, I know I shouldn’t snap a picture during the service but I couldn’t help it with this unscripted moment of pure sibling love.

Greta christmas programSunday evening was the Church Christmas program.  Greta played an inquisitive child, she was comfy in her PJ costume.  Had her lines all memorized, did a great job.

Henry christmas programHenry was a serious shepard in the Christmas program.  He did great as well as all the kids.

Henry belt testLast but not least is a Tae Kwon Do test for Henry.  He earned his blue belt this week.  He was pretty excited to break that board with his left foot.

Of course there is work, dinners, laundry, gift wrapping and all those other chores of daily living.  Like I said I love this time of year, but I am tired.


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