Christmas with Grandma

Christmas means many things to many people.  To me it is Family.  Family we can see, visit with, feast with, and catch up with.  Now that I live away from my family Christmas was something I was really looking forward to this year.  We went to my parents house and stayed for 5 nights.  That might be the most we have stayed in the nearing 8 years since we have moved.  The big part of my whole life is Christmas day at my grandparents house.  My grandparents lived right up the street from us growing up so always close but still a thrill to go each and every Christmas morning.  We, my family, sisters family, parents, aunt and uncle, my cousins and spouse.  It is a tight squeeze in the livingroom but it works and it is a day I look forward to.

Grandpa has been gone for many years now.  He missed out on the years with all the great grandkids.  Grandma keeps Christmas alive the same way she and grandpa did.  One thing you have to know about my grandma is she is super organized.  All the food that she provides and others bring is all written on a sheet of paper.  Much like a spreadsheet.  Everything is crossed off nothing is forgotten.  Everyone has a present on each of grandmas piles of gifts.  That is a big pile and each and every present in the pile has the same wrapping paper.  A pile is passed out and everyone has a gift.  My grandma has Christmas down to a science.  I know this won’t go on forever and for that fact I savor every Christmas a little bit more every year.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas at NanasMy parents with the kids:

kids at christmasNana or Great Grandma with the kids:

nana and the kidsThe Whole Gang:

The family at Christmas


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