Get Your Church in the Hearing Loop

I would love to experience a worship service with a loop system. Maybe someday.

Let's Loop Wisconsin

I recently received a letter from an audiologist asking for help to find funding for a hearing loop in a church.  Here is how I would recommend he/she go about this.

Form a hearing loop committee – number of members is less important than the willingness of the committee members to make this happen by reaching out to church members and into the community.

It is my experience that members of the church should be asked first. They have a vested interest that all members are able to hear. Stories abound on the web how congregations made this happen. Often, members in the congregation will step up to pay for a loop but, not until after the congregation is educated about why people with hearing loss/hearing aid users need this kind of assistive listening technology.

A short article in the church bulletin will go long way in this education process…

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3 thoughts on “Get Your Church in the Hearing Loop

  1. Well.. your request to find a looped church is something two websites are trying to help you with. 1. – this site offers an accompanying app so that you can find loops on the go with your smart phone.
    2. – be sure to “un-check” the FM and IR systems to find loops in your area.

    The next best thing is to listen to a recording in vs. out of the hearing loop on YouTube:

    And thanks, for reblogging my post!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment. If I am using the Loop Finder correctly I am a good 3 hours from a loop. I hope loops continue to grow in popularity and they fill our nation. I am always on the look out if we travel or attend an event. Thanks for the information. Thanks for reading!!

      1. Oh my that would be a long drive! Why not take out an assistive listening system device in your area next time you are in a theater and try it out using a neck-loop (that the ADA mandates is provided for 25% of the devices)? If you are ever in Detroit, Delta just installed a few hearing loops in the A Concourse.

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