About a month ago we found out the house we were living in was to be sold. Getting a text alerting me that a realtor would be coming the next day was a wake up call. We needed to start packing and we needed to find somewhere to live. God is good all the time. Within 24 hours we found a new house that is beautiful. The house is about double the size and just perfect. The kids each have their own room, our room actually has room to move in there. 

One thing you learn when moving is you have way to much stuff!  We weeded out a lot. We had a dumpster and trashed a lot. You decide what you want and what can go. We weeded through clothes, books, kitchen items and toys. We live in a land where items are cheap but we have to get in a mindset just because it is cheap we don’t need it. 

We are now moved and slowly getting settled. A couple boxes are gone through a day and that is ok. Those boxes aren’t going anywhere. 

I want to thank everyone who helped us move or just offered well wishes and prayers, it all helped. 


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