Summer canning 

It is summer and August which means hot and lets start canning. I am waiting for my tomatoes to turn red. I have plenty of green ones but not one that is even turning a yellow or orange let alone red. I bought a new pressure canner when we were moving. It has been staring at me. 

I also bought an outdoor two burner stove that runs on a propane tank. 

So the two items together means I NEED TO CAN. I bought 3 dozen ears of sweet corn. I was able to get 7 pints and 1 quart. It was fun and brought back the joy of why I do this fun and productive hobby. 

This is the time I enjoy. Canning, ripening of tomatoes, and the county fair. Next weekend is fair time and I am bring a bunch of my canned items. I can’t wait and I can’t wait to see if maybe someday I can get a grand champion. 

For now I just enjoy the dance of life. Just like this corn. Doing the dance. 


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