How to Talk to a Lipreader

What a great blog piece from my friend Michele.

2 thoughts on “How to Talk to a Lipreader

  1. My grandma read lips. She said to look at her, enunciate all sounds of the word. Meaning OPEN YOUR MOUTH. She would have been 116 yr old now. Back then, they assumed one set of hearing aids should fix all problems. So the same thing when trying to teach a child to say words correctly, ENUNCIATE those sounds. Look in the mirror to see what muscles make what sounds. For the most part, if you SMILE, all the sounds come out correctly. So when SMILING at those you speak to, everyone can hear you as well as react to your smiling face!

    1. I have a hard time lip reading certain people. I know it really helps when people don’t always put their hands up to their mouths. Lots of people do that and makes it really difficult to fit the pieces in the puzzle.

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