A day out

Do you ever have that moment in the morning when you drag yourself to the bathroom and wonder is that is just a reflection or could it be a grey hair.  Then the panic sets in a grey hair really I still feel like just a kid.  Luckily so far it has only been a reflection for me.  How do we get a feeling like that- Kids, family a home, work and life? Yep I have all those and at times doesn’t it feel like a hole we are getting sucked into but wouldn’t get out it if help were offered.

Life is crazy. It pulls you different directions.  Directions you did not sign up for. I signed up for an easy life with a husband and two children. I got a hard-working 60 hours a week husband, an eye rolling daughter who is wonderful but entering those tween years, and an adorable high energy son who happens to have Sensory Processing Disorder and PDD-NOS a form of autism.  Life is crazy and you need to disengage from yourself and watch or life will pass you by.

So the 4 of us took a day trip on Sunday.  It was sunny and we hit the road.  As most mom know a laid out plan does not usually happen. We stopped for lunch and my son didn’t like the smell of the restaurant or ANY of the food there.  So he dined on saltines and asked every 2.2 seconds if we could please leave now. Well that set the mood for the day. Made it to one of the 4 stores we wanted to go to and my little energizer bunny boy was bouncing off the wall.

We found an indoor trampoline park. Did you know those were even a thing? AWESOME is all I can say.  Not to spendy and the kids had so much fun. They bounced, jumped and crashed. The 10-year-old and 5-year-old had a blast. Check them out. Dads you can play dodge ball with your kids and pelt them with that ball and it is LEGAL. It is a wonderful place.

Hubby drove and missed our exit home so we went another way home that was all new to all of us. It was a wonderful end to a day that didn’t go as planned at all.  This momma has to learn to be flexible and change plans as the wind blows.  The evening sky was entering the horizon. The kids were sleeping and the fall colors were painted thick for us to admire.  Yes this is the life I wanted and was given.


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