A day to give thanks for the week we have had and the week we are about to have. Sunday has always had good memories for me. We dress up and head to Sunday School and Church. Now we get to do that with our kids.  They are so eager to learn of Gods love for them- that warms the soul.

Sunday as a parent can be a little busier now. It is the Lords day but also get caught up on the laundry, cooking, cleaning, get ready for the week and if your lucky a nap or a movie.  This Sunday is cold and rainy and almost expecting some snowflakes soon. But a movie is playing and naps are happening for some so a relaxing day with some time to get ready for the next week.

A week is so many things for a mom with kids and a family. It is wash day, cooking day, trash day. It is Church night, it is Tae Kwon Do nights. This week it is a white belt test for my son. How exciting and scary for him. It is a school ordered Autism Evaluation this week for my son also. What a stressful time for us parents to hear the strengths and the weaknesses of our son. It will be a week of being proud of our daughter as she helps conduct the Tae Kwon Do test for her little brother. How she is growing up before our eyes.

A week is time passages of a family as it grows, melds and expands. It is a living, breathing unit like bread dough. It can get knocked down and it will rise again. Sunday is that chance to start over and start to rise again. Good luck next week.




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