FRIDAY doesn’t that word just relax your shoulders and cause a sigh. Well it does for me. Of course for us mom’s the weekend really doesn’t bring a whole lot of relief but what it does bring is family together and no schedules.  The kids probably will still get up at 6am but I won’t need to yell and scream and wake the dead that we NEED to leave for school in 5 minutes. It is a time to relax a little. Maybe go out to eat or watch a movie in the middle of the afternoon. Yes the weekend and after this week we need it.

There is always something going on in this house. It is a semi-organized chaos. Last weekend we had a tae kwon do tournament. I love those days. They are tiring and crazy but what proud mom moments. Seeing my son bow to the judges just made the tears flow. Here is a boy that last year couldn’t say a full sentence let alone go into a room of people without a full meltdown. WOW he did it and came home with two trophy’s. My daughter just kicks butt. I never imagined yelling and cheering for my daughter to KICK HER, KICK HER IN THE HEAD. I get into this. I am a tae kwon do mom at heart. Then the week went into school, audiologist appt for my son, sick kids, sick mom and OH YEAH halloweeen. Like I said semi-organized chaos.

Take a moment this weekend and breathe. Go outside and take wonder in the falling leaves, the cool crisp air and the autumn smells.  This is a time to make memories if it is pumpkin patch time, apple picking or raking the leaves. This is that little window of fun until it is white, cold and pick up that shovel.

white belt for the judges
white belt for the judges

It is FRIDAY just breathe.


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