Arctic Vortex

We have been stuck in this black hole of crazy cold that has been referred to the ARCTIC VORTEX.  Don’t you just hear a loud announcers voice saying the ARCTIC VORTEX.  This cold has been unsettling for me.  I am not sure why but I lost sleep over this cold.  I just sat at night thinking about animals, and people that are stuck in this cold.  I closed my eyes and just prayed and prayed for these individuals.  From our mailman, to someone who is homeless, to a dog or cat that is outside and prayed for them.  We have two rabbits that were out in our garage.  They were out of the wind and in a pile of hay but I couldn’t get them out of my mind.  I needed them safe and warm.  I went out at midnight the other night threw them in a shopping bag and brought them inside.  I hope they know I saved their lives.  I honestly don’t think they care but I did.

The kids missed yesterday from school.  The Minnesota governor called off all school for the state.  Boy these kids needed to get back to school today.  My son was actually bouncing off the walls.  He was climbing on the couch and then trying to leap across the living room and land in a chair.  Yeah we need school, better structure and OT again.  He actually woke up at 2am this morning to start getting ready for school.  I am sure he will be a joy when he gets home today.  School was 2 hours late today and my daughter must have asked me every 5 minutes if they cancelled it yet.  My gosh girl you can hear the phone better then me…have they called to cancel NO SO GET READY TO GO.

So I hope the cold is lifting.  When I drove by the bank yesterday morning it was -24.  Today it was 0 that is an improvement in my book.  I hope it starts making a upper slope to real numbers and maybe even some double digits I heard by the end of the week.  That would be just awesome and make my week.

Some facts I heard about Minnesota yesterday, Antarctica was warmer then us and the planet Mars was warmer then us.  Why do we live here.  I can’t see myself moving but it is a question I will ask myself every year.

Where ever you may live I hope and pray the weather improves and we get out of this black hole of the ARCTIC VORTEX.


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