How I joined the HOH club

I thought I would share the weekend/week that I lost hearing.  I haven’t talked about this to very many people but I have met some awesome people in real life and on the computer that I see that it isn’t something to hide or pretend it isn’t there it is who I am and that means it is ok. 

I was at a TaeKwonDo tournament in fact I have a blog posting from that event with a picture.  I felt fine that day and had a great time.  That night we went to my in-laws house and we watched a movie on TV.  No big deal just hanging out in the living room.  Well I couldn’t hear the words on the TV.  I could hear an occasional commercial but not dialog from the movie.  I grabbed the remote and turned it up and everyone complained how loud it was and turned it back down.  I just couldn’t understand what was happening so I went to bed thinking I was getting an ear infection and my ears were probably filled with fluid.  Next day was church and again I noticed I really couldn’t hear well at all.  But I didn’t want to say anything to anyone.  I smiled and tried to answer questions but I was more then ready to go home when the service was done.  That night my husband asked me to sit down at the table.  He looked right at me and asked if I could hear ok.  I played dumb and asked why.  He said I answered questions wrong at church like I hadn’t heard what the person had said to me.  I just said that maybe and I was probably getting sick.  Well the next day Monday is what freaked me out.  Those that know me know I don’t freak out.  I was to sub for just a quick 30 minute job at the school.  I just had to read to some young kids.  I love to read so thought this will be fun.  I went in and started reading and it was going good till all the kids wanted to ask questions at once.  I couldn’t make out what they were saying and I think I started having a panic attack.  I was able to leave right about that time.  I went out to the vehicle and just sat and couldn’t do anything.  I was in shock.  I grabbed my phone and made a call for the doctor to get my hearing checked.  

Next day I got in and had my hearing checked.  It showed a mild mixed loss.  Mixed meaning I have so much scar tissue in my ear from countless surgeries, infections, burst ear drums that I have a conductive loss.  I also have a sensorineural loss which is what I am guessing came on very sudden. I go home with really no answers but get a call to go to an audiologist the following day in a neighboring town.  I went and had more tests then the first time in fact over an hour I was in the booth having test after test.  I was found to have a mixed loss that dipped down into moderate hearing loss in the frequencies where speech is most important.  I wasn’t getting sick, or crazy I had entered a club of Hard of Hearing.  

The audiologist was very nice and explained how hearing aids can’t bring that hearing back to perfect but it would make a big difference.  So I ordered my Phonak hearing aid (only 1 need to save up for number 2). I laid pretty low the next week or so.  I didn’t work at the school or really see anyone.  I got the hearing aid and the first thing I noticed was I heard the clock on the wall.  I hadn’t heard that when I went into the office.  I have had to have the hearing tweaked a few times and the levels upped a few times also.  My biggest difficulty is in a large group understanding someone talking to me or someone talking soft to me.  I need to work on lip reading for those situations. 

Everyday I feel a little bit better about the situation.  It was another thing in life you don’t plan for and don’t anticipate.  I have joined a great group online and it makes you know that you are not alone.  There are others out there that are going through the same things that you are.  

Everyone has a story we just have to let that story out so others know what yours is.  


6 thoughts on “How I joined the HOH club

  1. I’m so sorry Sara! I read that you went to the audiologist the other day but had no idea why?! It is certainly not anything to be ashamed of!! I’m so glad that you found a support group:~). Thanks so much for sharing~

  2. Sara, we do indeed all have stories to tell and by sharing we can help one another. Thank you for sharing your story.
    All the best to you. Donna

  3. I am so proud of you… You are an amazing wife, mother and Best Friend!! Bless you. My prayers for you on this journey!

  4. You did such a good job describing the shock of sudden hearing loss. It is hard to convey to someone who’s never experienced it, the way everyday interactions are suddenly so difficult and stressful. A support group is so, so helpful — I’m really happy that you found one, and that your new hearing aid is helping! 🙂

    ~ Wendi

    1. Thank you for the kind comment. It is a shock and one you don’t see coming. But sure meeting and coming across a lot of other people out there in the world that makes you realize you are sure not alone in this department.

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