I have two wonderful beautiful children that have alter egos.  I believe their alter egos are tasmanian devils.  Yes the house can be clean well as clean as you get it with two kids and a husband that can be a bit of a collector of everything.  The kids get loose or as many people would say, Get home from school, and they run through the house and drop their jacket.  Then to the kitchen where their bag gets dropped.  Then I may find one shoe in the kitchen and one in the bathroom.  WHAT??? REALLY??? Just kick them off at the door.  Is this an everyday struggle in everyones home? Am I alone on this.  

So today I have a meeting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing services.  I am so grateful that they travel to our region and I don’t need to travel to them.  That being said the tornado of carnage in my house has to be picked up for this meeting.  I think I am in procrastination mode.  I am sitting typing this so yes procrastination.  I think everything is picked up just need to vacuum and sweep my floors.  I thought it was so funny I told Greta last night to pick up her stuff last night so her stuff is put away today.  Her reply was I have cleaned up my stuff in the past,  YEP so do it again.  I need to get this through everyones head this is an ongoing process not once or twice a year.  

Well I wish you all well today.  I better go do my floors and get ready for my meeting.  Take care and I am sure the tasmanian devils will come home today again.  Oh well gotta love them.  


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