While at the SWC Convention in July 2014…

Hoping to do this the morning of my birthday!! Something to look forward to, not the snow tomorrow.


Written by Erica Penn

Visit the farmers market!  Every Saturday, the Dane County Farmer’s Market meets in the Square near the Capitol Building for food, goodies and fun! Since the SayWhatClub Convention will be hosted in Madison, Wisconsin from Wednesday, July 16 through Sunday, July 20, 2014, come join your SayWhatClub friends, old and new, at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning July 19, 2014!

dane county farmers market

Dane County is rich in both rural and urban culture. In 1972, Mayor Bill Dyke recognized a need to unite the two cultures and provide a means for city dwellers to reap some of the county’s agricultural benefits.

Inspired by Europe’s open markets, Dyke called on the Dane County Extension Office and the Central Madison Committee of the Chamber of Commerce to help him replicate the European tradition. The three agencies joined forces to develop the Dane County Farmers’ Market.

However, county farmers…

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