What Do I Want To Do When I Grow Up

My life as a substitute teacher.  When your main job is a substitute you need to expect the unknown.  I look at the calendar for the week and can get discouraged because I will only have one day scheduled.  I feel sad, defeated because at this stage of my life, both of my kids in school, I want to work full time.  6:30am will hit on Monday morning and the phone will ring and they need a sub.  That is what it is like, a boring outlook on the calander and then boom I am working almost everyday.  It happens so fast and is really is always in the air.  I will get settled in a class and then get called out and have to move to another class or move to the other school.  It is always changing it is the unknown.

I must have hit a point in my life that I need stability again.  I started working as a waitress at the age of 15 and worked at a small cafe till the end of my senior year.  Even before that I delivered the daily paper, The Stillwater Gazette.  I have working blood and it has always run thick.  I got through college in 4 years and that was with working a good amount of hours each week at a job and working up to two jobs in the summers.  College isn’t cheap ya know.  So when Henry was born I decided to stay home.  Then he was so sick and we had so many doctor appts, and therapy appts a full time job would not have fit in.  Now both kids are in school and that working blood is needing to be tended.  I need to know I am going to work each day and now I have hours coming in every week.

So my problem is what can I do for a job or career.  I have subbed k-12 for almost the past 7 years.  I love the school and I love the kids but there isn’t a list of job openings at the school at the time.  I went to school for Communicative Disorders with an emphasis in Audiology.  I have not obtained my Masters so I can not practice speech therapy and to be honest I can’t see myself doing that or wanting to do that.  Now audiology is a completely different story.  I enjoy the science of the ear.  I used to like making out an audiogram and graphing left ear and right ear with masked sounds and unmasked.  Now what do I do with that and living in small town, I don’t live in a metro area where there are a lot of towns around that may have openings.  So I research and read and I update my resume and just wonder what to do.

My ideal world I could get a job I would work with an audiologist or in a hearing aid office.  I know most say 1-2 years of experience.  How in the world can you get that experience if you can’t get in somewhere.  Oh well for now I will live the life of the unknown sub.  This week I was a Title 1 teacher, a 6th grade teacher, and 2 days as a 5th grade teacher.  I love the amount of days but I just need to know and have that consistency.

I will take input from anyone on this subject or hey want to offer me the job of the century- I am “ALL EARS”


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