Fair Time

It is the busy time of summer again called, county fair. Both kids are active in a 4H group and projects had to be made and deadlines were looming. Fair time reminds me a tad of Christmas time. So much to get done and finished by a date were tons of people will gather to all look at your items. 

Henry brought a rock he had gotten from Crazy Horse, a painting he had done, dill pickles he helped make and a Lego creation. He was happy talking to the judges and getting ribbons. 

Greta brought a couple pieces of art she drew and painted, dill pickles and chair she painted and recovered. She also did two posters. One about hearing aids and one dealing with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. She did great with the judges and received some great ribbons. 

I also entered items in the fair. This year between art, photos and canned item I had 21 entries. I am not sure how I did yet. I am always hopeful for a grand champion. 

The next morning we went work our scheduled shift at the 4H food booth. It was Henry’s 7th birthday. Both kids loved serving the fair goers and taking the it all in. 

Before we left we checked to see if Greta had won a State Fair trip. Sure enough the girl won on two projects! Beyond proud of her. She choose to take her hearing aid poster. We have already been in contact with Starkey since her supplies for the poster came from them. They have some pretty awesome ideas of how they are going to come to the fair and support Greta. Tune in soon and I will share what happened. Just so excited for her. 



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