State Fair

We traveled across the state from our land of flat to the land of people, traffic and food on a stick. We traveled to the Minnesota State Fair, The Great Minnesota Get Together. This really wasn’t a planned trip. Not one we were anticipating all year. We had our county fair in late August. Both kids had their projects in tow and I had my open class box of goodies to enter. We all had nerves, hopes and dreams of high ribbons. We all did great but what this little mussing is about is my daughter Greta. Greta did very well on all of her projects and in fact two projects earned a state fair trip. She had to pick one and she choose her Health projects on Hearing Aids.  


Her project started months ago when she contacted Starkey Hearing Technology and asked for help on a project about hearing aids and different types of hearing aids. To her surprise came a FedEx package with brochures and dummy samples of hearing aids. Also included was a Halo hearing aid which is a hearing aid that can connect to an iPhone. A very neat process. I personally wear Starkey hearing aids and have had two different types from them and I am extremely pleased with their sound and quality. 

The fair experience was a new one for all of us. We have never been part of state fair judging. It was different than the county fair and just an incredible experience. 

Started out with Breakfast at a church booth. Such a small world. We started chatting with the other folks at our table and we live 40 miles apart. 

We explored a tad bit before judging started. Nerves were high. 

Greta did wonderful being judged. She had passion, drive and determination to get her project across and to have the people there know the importance of hearing loss and what you can use to help in that area. She earned a blue ribbon and a wonderful judges report. 

Since Starkey provided her with the great resources for this project they wanted to support her and see her and the project. After the judging we met with an employee of Starkey. She got a couple pictures of Greta and her project and took a video or Greta interviewing me about hearing loss. 

I think this was a magical day for Greta. It was a day of nerves and confidence. It fueled her fire to do more and be more. She would love to continue with this theme so she has to think of a project for next year. Maybe cochlear implants? 



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