Family Vacation Day 1

Once again this year my little family paired up with Chad’s parents and we hit the road on an old fashioned American road trip. This year we went south. We were to explore the state of Iowa. Now many might think Iowa is not the hotbed of tourists, myself included, we found tons to see and had a fun filled trip. I am not just writing this for others to read but as a record for our family. 10 years from now when we are sitting at the dining room table this can be the record, no debate of what we did or saw.  We were pod people again, traveling with the pod on our roof. There was no question we were tourists.  Going slow through towns and a giant pod kinda gave us away. 

We started out heading south. Van was packed. Everyone had their seat and we were officially on the road. Heading south was the game plan.

Our first stop was in New Ulm, MN. We stopped at Herman the German a large monument that is perched on a hill that overlooks the German town. Chad and the kids were going to go to the top. This is high and the kids were excited. Almost instantly Henry started crying. He was scared and didn’t want to do it. I urged him from the sidelines and Chad kept telling him that Daddy was right there. Henry conquered his fear and they climbed to the top. 

From our short stop in New Ulm we headed south and crossed into Iowa. We entered into the small town of West Bend. Our destination was the Grotto of The Redemption. It was like an oasis in a desert. Here is this little town, kinda run down and dusty. Turn a corner and bam there is this beautiful beyond words castle of rocks and gems. 

After being wowed by the Grotto we were tired and hungry. We continued on the Fort Dodge. We ate at Mineral City. One thing that was a little odd at this restaurant was instead of just fries as a side you could have pasta. So Chad had a Reuben sandwich with a side of spaghetti. We drove through town, found a hotel, swam and slept. Day one was great, full of beauty. Day 2 we would travel East through the state. 


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