Iowa Family Vacation Day 2

We are efficient travelers. I think we were up, ate breakfast and packed ready to go by 8:45am each and every morning. We left Fort Dodge and we headed towards Waterloo. Our destination in Waterloo was the John Deere Factory. We knew the museum was closed on Mondays but there were a couple people in our van that still wanted to see it. We got to Waterloo found the factory and drove slowly around the plant. We also found there were tractors outside we could visit. 

One tractor that was on display was my father in laws first tractor he bought. That was a picture needed moment. 

One fun fact I learned that you could buy pull tabs at a gas station. I tried but no luck. Henry had to double check. 

We left Waterloo. I was a little shocked at this city. Very run down and I don’t think it is somewhere you would feel safe walking alone in. We did find a little park and had a picnic then back on the road. 

While on the highway we saw a sign for the Amana Colonies. We decided to veer off and explore. What a neat area. There are 7 colonies that were settled by Germans that were escaping religious persecution. We spent the afternoon in Amana the biggest of the colonies. The buildings were all the old stone buildings. I have never seen buildings like this. They were like the original colonial buildings you see in history books. The vibe of the town reminded me of Stillwater. There was a fudge shop, boutiques, gift shops Etc…  We explored, shopped and drove through all the colonies. 

Back on the road towards Iowa City. This is where we would lay out head for the night. We found our hotel and headed for supper. I looked online and we wanted a place to eat that was local and highly rated. Ate at The Bluebird Cafe. It was trendy, unique flavors and delicious. I had to try pork tenderloin since I was in Iowa. 

We were tired but the 4 of us still took a swim and had some fun family time. 

Day 2 another success. Day 3 we continue east. 


One thought on “Iowa Family Vacation Day 2

  1. Love going to the Amana’s! Took our kids and my mother last summer and about 10 years ago. Always something new to see and learn.

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