Iowa Family Vacation- Day 5

Today is the last day on the road. It has been a good trip but I was very excited to get back to my house. We packed up the van, for the last time. Chad was very excited about this fact. 

We travelled north and soon crossed back into Minnesota. Our destination was Harmony. We were going to visit the Amish. We went to three farms in all. We could have visited many more but I think we all had that inner drive to get home, and the van was full! The first farm had a little of everything but the biggest thing was furniture. Oh wow I fell in love with the jewelry boxes. They were beautiful. Henry got a wooden tractor. Greta got an Amish doll. I found a collapsible basket that thought would look great on my table. We also bought some hot pepper butter. No idea what is all in it but sure sounded interesting. 

Our second farm we bought some homemade noodles and sauerkraut. I did snap a couple pictures at this farm. 

The 3rd farm just my mother in law bought a basket. Chad struck up a conversation with this young man. I am guessing early 20’s for his age. He was a welder also and does custom hay baling. I know Chad wished he would have asked him more questions. 

We made our way to Rochester for our last lunch on the trip. When we left we saw a storm was blowing in and we hoped we would miss it. 

A few drops and we were sparred. We finally made it back to the farm. We were tired and sore but unpacked that van so quickly. Bags were tossed in our van and we were off towards home. 

It was a great week away. It is a great bonding week for the kids and their grandparents. I want to publicly thank them for letting us travel with them. We are a great team together, I believe. We saw lots, enjoyed a lot and laughed a lot. Till next year

The Lundquist Family 


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