Iowa Family Vacation- Day 4

Yesterday was such a full day. To tell you the truth I didn’t want to get up and be on the car at 8:45am. I would have loved to sleep, yes just lay in a bed and sleep. But like all other days we were up and going and gone before the clock struck 9. 

Today we had a few things planned as we made our way north. Our first stop was the National Farm Tractor Museum. Chad, Ron and the kids went into the museum. They enjoyed it a ton. I am glad they had the chance to tour it. After the museum we went to the Tomy toy outlet. Chad got the tractors and sprayers he had been wanting to get. Also got Henry some Pokemon toys for his birthday. Nice knowing that is bought and done. We had one more stop in this sleepy little town. We visited The Field of Dreams. It really did have this magical look to it. A real oasis in the middle of corn fields and rolling hills. We all had fun playing catch, walking out of the corn. It was a fun place to be. 

From the Field of Dreams we traveled up the river some more. We had a picnic in Guttenberg. Very pretty place to have a classic PB&J. 

We continued driving. The roads were very curvy today. There was no straight part at all. Our final stop of the day was Spillville. We stopped at the Bily Clock museum. I wasn’t very excited to go this museum I will admit. We got in the museum and joined a tour. I couldn’t understand near a word of the tour guide. I was discouraged at first, then I started looking at these carved clocks and reading the cards next to them. It was amazing and I am glad I experienced the Bily Clocks. Two brothers carved these clocks and never sold one. Henry Ford offered them 1 million dollars for one and they said no. These brothers never traveled more than 35 miles from home so everything was carved from postcards and books. Really a neat place. Upstairs was occupied by the Czech composer Dvorak. That was interesting also that a famous composer would come to this tiny town in Iowa. There were pictures and personal affects on display. Here are a couple of my favorite clocks. 

We left Spillville to continue on to Decorah. Our last night on the road. We ate at Happy Joes and took a drive through town. A full day was had by all. 


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