Fall is my favorite season. I love putting on a long sleeved T shirt. That slight chill in the air. Sitting outside in the evenings with no bugs. Oh yes I am excited for the month or two that is before us. This fall is busy like all others but there is an enthusiasm that fills my soul. Both kids are back at school and growing like weeds. 

Greta is in 8th grade and Henry is in 3rd. Where have my babies gone. They are both so busy. Henry is in football this fall. He plays two times a week and we can see improvement each practice. He loves it and one of his many goals is to play for the Seattle Seahawks. 


Henry loves when dad gets out there and plays with him. He is my sports kid. He loves them all and has 5 million questions when we watch any sporting event on tv. I am not a football person but I better start to be. 

Greta is in full swing of school. She has joined FFA, Speech and WE Day. She went to a WE event in the cities this past week. She came home so energized and ready to make a difference. She reminds me so much of me at that age. I so wanted to change the world. I didn’t get that accomplished…yet but I still try to make a difference. 

Fall is my time to get busy. I am still working as a PCA. I love the girl I watch like my own child. I am also back at the school. Time to get out the calendar so I know where to be each day. My garden is also doing wonderful this year. Best ever if I say. I have done relishes, pickled veggies, pizza sauce and salsa. My tomatoes are on overdrive. I have so many they are overtaking my freezer. Tomato juice may be next on the list. 

My cabbages have been picked and turning into sauerkraut. This is a first for me so hope it will turn out. So pretty

Chad is busy at work like always. This fall he would like to start welding some ornamental things. 

I also am starting on a new endeavor. I have been hired as a deaf/hard of hearing role model. I would describe it as a mentor for families that have a child that is hard of hearing. I am excited to learn more and pass that information on. Always a new chapter to be written. 

So fall is busy but I love every moment of it. It is crisp and cool. I think apples and fires. Sitting by the fire drinking a chai tea sounds heavenly to me. Bring on fall!!


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