Lucky Girl

What a nice day we had as a family on Saturday.  I live about three hours away from my parents now so we met about halfway between us  for lunch.  We all met at Bonanza for lunch and my parents treated us all.  It was such a nice time and we had a great time visiting and seeing pictures from their recent vacation.  The kids loved to see Grandpa and Grandma.  I am very lucky to have good parents and we enjoy to be together.  We even all went to ALDI together.  The kids loved to shop with Grandma.  I am lucky to have a wonderful mom who I can speak to about any subject like friends and equals.  Not everyone is that lucky.

On the way home I suggested to my husband that we should spend the night at his parents house.  They are playing the act of snowbirds right now so the house is empty.  I love going to the farm it is like a refuge from the world for me.  There are no neighbors, there is space for the kids to run and be crazy.  There are adorable barn cats and a big kitchen to cook in at the farm.  What more would you want?  I love my in-laws dearly but it was nice to have a night there alone.  We made homemade pizza, ,kids ran around outside, my husband putzed around the machine shed and garage totally in his element.  What a wonderful evening.  It was a free evening in a farm house out on a beautiful piece of land.

I look at this weekend and it drills in my head how lucky I am.  There are people that don’t have family, don’t talk to their family or associate with them.  I am very lucky I have wonderful family on both sides.  I have parents and in-laws that are supportive, loving and caring.

I read jokes and see things on Pinterest and Facebook about how awful a mother in-law is.  I guess I was blessed.  I love my mother in-law just like my own mother.  I enjoy talking with her and spending time with her.  I look forward to spring when the guys will be out in the fields and we the girls will be together to maybe shop a little then bring the men lunch.  I love those days.  I don’t know if I will ever be a farm wife but I will go to the farm and live the life or as close as I can get to it on those weekends.

I hope you all have family or people you can call family in your lives.  A friend, a cousin, a co-worker they can all become our families.

Yes I am lucky that I have two great families I can be part of and call my own.



I don’t talk much about my husband on this blog. Yes he is real and the father of my children and my husband for soon to be 14 years.  He is a quiet guy unless in a debate about something he is passionate about then quiet would not be the word.  My husband took off of work today and he and I drove to do a couple errands and we ended up at the Welding Supply store which is his favorite place on earth.  His eyes light up like a kid in a candy store when we walk into this establishment.  I don’t understand you weld for 40 plus hours a week why do more?  I only wish we had millions in our bank account so he could buy all his heart desires.

So today our visit lasted a while.  My husband wants to get his TIG skills up to par so there was some Argon gas purchased, tungsten (no idea what that does), some filler rod, and lens for his helmet.  The guys at this store just amaze me with how nice they are and how great they are to hook you up with what you need and in a quantity you need for a home welder.  I am amazed at this because most parts places are not like this at least for a woman walking in the shop.  I have been running errands for my husband for over 15 years and no matter where I go I am treated like I have no idea what I am looking for.  I must have never seen a tool, or a welder, or a pair of welding gloves.  I am a woman there for stupid in their eyes.  This has been my experiences at auto part stores, welding supply stores, etc… Guess what I am not an idiot.  I take an interest in what my husband does and I know what gloves he wears, I know what a speedglass helmet is.  I know what are metric sockets to standard.  I was prompted to write this post because of how awesome the guys are at Oxygen Service in Willmar MN (  They are wonderful on all counts.  They treat me like I may know what my husband needs.  They are nice guys to talk about and do business with.  We spent some money there today and I am sure there will be more spent in the future.  I will gladly run an errand for my husband anyday at this establishment.  Keep up the good work!!!! My kids like going here now also since there were given hats last time we went in as a family.  Free hats and pens what more would you want, throw in some nice conversation, and wonderful customer service and you earn 5 stars in my book anytime.

I am glad there are places out there that will take a woman seriously because they are far and in between.  My husband and I enjoyed our morning away even if it was spent looking and drooling over a new welding machine. Oh well I was told before an old Welder never dies.


Image                                                Such Pride I have in these 3 girls from our local Tae Kwon Do gym.  My daughter is the girl in the center.  The time, training and determination these three girls have shown amazes me.  I have such hope for these kids in the future.  They know the meaning of hard work, and commitment.  Things aren’t given to you, you earn them.  These girls gave up time every night during their Christmas vacations to train and work hard.  They learned Korean terms, numbers, and many other facts. They also needed to know their patterns and numchuck patterns, and had to break 5 boards.  How they fit all that info in their brains just amazed me.

Pride was welled up in my chest and throat all night.  Watching all these young people working so hard just brings me chills.  So many kids think they deserve that first place trophy for just being themselves.  These kids have learned that if they don’t pass everything in the test they don’t pass and get that next belt.

My dear Greta tried so hard and did wonderfully on her test.  Her material was solid and she was strong in spirit and strong in body.  Her nerves got the best of her on her breaks.  She broke the board with her elbow but missed the others.  She did not get her belt last night.  She had tears in her eyes but she sucked it up and knew that she can break those boards (tomorrow).  She will earn that belt and she will be a 2nd degree poom by class on Monday night.

The smile on her face after the test congratulating the other two girls on their new belts again brought again PRIDE.  This picture was taken after the test and I think you can see the pride in all the girls faces.