Iowa Family Vacation- Day 3

This was a busy day and we did and saw a ton. Not sure of the miles but we traveled many this day. We were again on the road by 8:45am. I have to do a shout out to my husband, he packed and unpacked that pod everyday with out a complaint. If you know my husband there is always a smart remark made but nothing on this trip. He was our muscle of the trip. 

We started out on the highway but quickly stopped at President Herbert Hoover library and birthplace. We were there before it opened but we still took the opportunity to walk around and take in the site. That is a first for me, seeing a presidential library. Chad being the hard core republican is showing us the sign language R in the picture. It was a very neat thing to see. 

From the presidential library we continued east on I80. We drove till we saw a big oasis on the side of the road. It was the biggest truck stop in the world!!! This place was huge. There is a bowling alley, movie theater, chiropractor, numerous places to eat and of course shopping. 

There was a print shop. You could design your own shirts or hats. Greta decided she was going to make a shirt.  What says Iowa like an unicorn. 

Henry really enjoyed seeing The Blue Ox truck. His t shirt choice was the big truck he feel in love with. 

The truck stop was a fun place to visit and see.  After lunch at the truck stop we were back on the road. I used some time on the road to try out the neck loop I had bought this past winter. It is a simple black cord that plugs in a headphone jack. If you have hearing aids with a T Coil it picks up the sound. So the music or my audio book goes right to my hearing aids. I continued on with my Derrick Coleman Story. I did finish the book on the trip and it was pretty good. 

We crossed over the Mississippi River and entered the state of Illinois. Henry had to send a text to his godmother, he was in her state. Our destination in Moline was the John Deere Pavilion.  There were tractors to see, climb on, and play with. 

When we were done at the pavilion we went up the river a tad to the John Deere Harvester Works. More tractors to climb on and be amazed by the sheer size of these machines. Grandpa showed us the pictures of the first corn harvest machinery they used. 

I think I will end this post in Illionis. We had a big day on day 3. I think I will start a new post for the excitement we had on part 2 of day 3. 




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