Iowa Family Vacation- Day 3 part 2 

Day 3 was a big day. We did a ton of travel and seeing things. We did tractors and trucks the first part of the day. When we left Moline we started north. We followed the river some. The land and terrain was up and down. Big hills and large valleys, reminded me of Wisconsin by Spring Valley. Our next stop would be LeClaire, Iowa. It was a while before we would reach our destination. The kids napped. We visited, sometimes I just had to tune out. I hate to seem rude but try to listen in a car is very hard. It is like trying to play a constant puzzle game to piece together what is being talked about. I loved the rolling hills and the cattle grazing in this stretch of road so easy to gaze out the window and zone out. When we reached LeClaire we were excited. We visited Antique Archaeology, the American Pickers store. We hoped to see Frank or Mike but no luck. The shop was so tiny but it was really a neat place.  I just loved it, a highlight of the trip. Could have stayed there longer. Greta was hoping to see any of it, and Henry wanted to see the clown shoes they had bought on an episode. Low and behold the shoes were there. 

From LeClaire we continued to Dubuque.  Dubuque was a very pretty town right on the Mississippi River. We drove around town and decided on Tony Roma’s for dinner. 

Tony Roma’s had live music when we were dining. Although the singing was good it was so loud. I am very thankful my hearing aids have a program that decrease sound. I happen to have an app that measures sound in dB.  The live music was at 92-93dB a level where damage to your hearing is very possible. Still wondering if I should write an email. Just to educate. 

Finished our evening driving over the river to Illionis one more time. We slept well knowing another full day was infront of us. 


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